Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul friends day

My soul friend is Freddy and he is in room 4. He is Unique, lovely to talk to, likes to play Rugby, he likes to talk a lot, have fun,  funny to and humble.

And he is a boy and he is like a best friend cause he's cool and amazing too and he respects everyone of his mates and looks
And i care for my soul friend and respect him to and care for him when his is upset

All angry all mad and would look after him and be kind to him.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Fr Francis and Jesus

Francis Vernon Douglas

Francis Vernon Douglas I learnt that Francis Vernon was born in Johnsonville in wellington New zealand on 22 may 1910 and went to Johnsonville primary school and the marist brothers school in thorndon and was very good at sports in rugby,cricket,handball,and boxing After leaving school he worked in the post office that which time he could come as a priest so set off to Mosgiel to study for the priesthood. He spent his first years after ordination at st joseph parish in new plymouth where he spent a good deal with time of young people encouraging them in their sport and games. Father douglas went to the philippians.