Monday, 8 August 2016

Constable Gordon talk:

Monday August 8th:

Constable Gordon talk:

Today we were listening to constable Gordon today about cyber bullying and making the right choices.
He was talking to Room 7 about deleting something and going to the company and they will be able to see what that person wrote

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Prayer DLO 2016

This is my prayer DLO that I created. I am telling people that we should pray for the people that are in need of God's love. Hope you enjoy it

Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Experience at Te oro

My experience at the Te oro me and the boys and me went and did this fan art that was spinning around and had to colour it while it was spinning around and I moved on and was doing some clay art and some stick art that was amazing too. After that I this some landscape art painting the city of Auckland me and seuati, olga,

My book week writing

Today we had book week and we had dressed up in our own costume it was fun because others had some amazing costumes and I was a ghost from harry potter and we went In the hall so we can have our Duffy assembly and we stood up and had to say what character Are we and we had photos of our amazing costume. Screenshot 2016-07-07 at 12.36.33.png  

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science road Show

Today Room 7 went to Tamaki College for a science experiment. I went with my mother.  I was pleased that she could help with our transport.

I learnt new things and I found out more about Science. My Favourite science station was the 3D printer,toilet machine and pumping the balloons.

After that I went to the next station and saw some interesting machines that looked amazing and confusing to me but the instructors explained to me so I could understand.

There were some interesting facts about china having a 3D printer connected to a concrete mixer that formed houses.

and it was a good experiencing for me cause it was fun but also good when I go college so I learnt something that I didn't know but now no not to touch acid Again.

Friday, 6 May 2016

My Amazing Holiday

Recount writing:   In the holidays I played   games and played Bo2 and Gta5 and It.
Was fun cause I got to verse other people like my Friends. and family after that we went outside to play rugby and we were playing rugby out the back and tackling

Each other and playing raft and getting dirty then we Had. a break and had a drink and we were very thirsty after all we were playing and we went for a ride around the centre and we were hanging out with some friends and sore Pio in the holidays playing with his cousins

after I sore Pio and was at the centre I went for a swim and was bombing with my friends and family and we were bombing of the rocks and the cliff and were playing rugby in the water and were playing tag as well after that we went home and had a nice relaxing sleep.


Mothers day

Mothers have many important responsibilities,Including looking after children and their home. We would be lost without them.
My Mum is wonderful and is colourful and is very happy and smiles all the time and she has brown eyes and has a very nice moist skin colour and also likes going for very long long rides and she is the best my in the world and she is kind to everyone

And sometimes gets angry and taught me how to play rugby and I love my mother and no matter what and she cheers me up in rugby and anything else and always has a smile wherever she goes and she always make me and my family happy and everyone else.

And she always cook nice food and likes to go out and have nice dinners like burger king all sushi and likes drinking hot chocolate and she is always helpful to my family.  

Thursday, 14 April 2016

My Best Writing For Term 1 2016

On the weekend I went to the pools and the Beach.After that we went and had lunch at the beach and saw some amazing creatures under the rocks after that we went and had some ice cream I had cookies and cream and my brothers all

had lime ice Cream. After that we went to the pools and had a nice warm swim and was cold at the other pool so we went back to the warm pool and we were relaxing and calm having a fun Amazing. Day so we were bombing of the diving board and were making very big splashes around the Pool.

After that we were bombing of the high diving board and were making the water go out off the pool then we did it again and hit the lifeguard and the lifeguard was angry but didn't care after all that.

The reason I choosed this writing cause…….
It had a lot of interesting words
Used simple sentences

Used compound words

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul friends day

My soul friend is Freddy and he is in room 4. He is Unique, lovely to talk to, likes to play Rugby, he likes to talk a lot, have fun,  funny to and humble.

And he is a boy and he is like a best friend cause he's cool and amazing too and he respects everyone of his mates and looks
And i care for my soul friend and respect him to and care for him when his is upset

All angry all mad and would look after him and be kind to him.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Fr Francis and Jesus

Francis Vernon Douglas

Francis Vernon Douglas I learnt that Francis Vernon was born in Johnsonville in wellington New zealand on 22 may 1910 and went to Johnsonville primary school and the marist brothers school in thorndon and was very good at sports in rugby,cricket,handball,and boxing After leaving school he worked in the post office that which time he could come as a priest so set off to Mosgiel to study for the priesthood. He spent his first years after ordination at st joseph parish in new plymouth where he spent a good deal with time of young people encouraging them in their sport and games. Father douglas went to the philippians.

Friday, 12 February 2016

2016 learning Journal.

Greeting 2016
Screenshot 2016-02-12 at 11.37.28.png
Greeting and welcome all to my learning journal. this year is going to be so exciting and Fun for me to share my learning with you. and I'm 12 years old and going to Sacred heart college.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

My first week at school.

On the first day at school we had fun and did some work and work with our Buddies.
then when i got to room 7 I was Nervous. a little bit and couldn't stop shaking I was very red but got use to it
then I had to chose and partner for learning then when we had to work we got in to Buddies.