Monday, 16 September 2013

Kids for Kids Rehearsal

On Friday we had kids for kids at Mangere. we went on the bus to go to the kids for kids, it was so fun. it got hot on the stage then and we sat on the ground and we sang 20 songs on the stage. We all had fun at the kids for kids and we did some actions and we were copying Nathan and Jackie. We then we came back home and we had a treat of an ice-block. 


  1. Nice one Jt I really like this piece of blurb that you wrote about when we went to the Kids For Kids Rehearsal. I enjoyed it there as much as you enjoyed it. Next time make sure you have capital letter in the right place and read your work and make sure it makes seance. By the way thou keep the great work up.

  2. Wow JT, awesome keep the fantastic work up. I liked it how you explained what is was like. Maybe next time you could put Capital letters in it and check it.
    Wonderful work, keep it up. =)