Friday, 6 May 2016

My Amazing Holiday

Recount writing:   In the holidays I played   games and played Bo2 and Gta5 and It.
Was fun cause I got to verse other people like my Friends. and family after that we went outside to play rugby and we were playing rugby out the back and tackling

Each other and playing raft and getting dirty then we Had. a break and had a drink and we were very thirsty after all we were playing and we went for a ride around the centre and we were hanging out with some friends and sore Pio in the holidays playing with his cousins

after I sore Pio and was at the centre I went for a swim and was bombing with my friends and family and we were bombing of the rocks and the cliff and were playing rugby in the water and were playing tag as well after that we went home and had a nice relaxing sleep.


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  1. Hey jt its me your friend i like your your writing about your holiday playing black ops 2 and Rugby. I also play black ops 2, too. Keep it up And there's one thing. You also need to correct some words and proof read it like 3 times. Keep it up